8 Good Reasons a Property Needs a Termite Inspection annually?

8 Good Reasons a Property Needs a Termite Inspection annually?

Termites are one of the most interesting but devastating creatures on the planet. When it comes to our properties, the financial heartache and the sheer damage termites can do to a property would truly amaze you. In some cases, your home or property would be better of being hit by a cyclone.

People truly underestimate how prevalent these ants are. They have in fact adapted to urban landscapes the same way rats have adapted to our cities. They thrive in the environment us humans have built. The fact is that our homes or the structures at least are made of wood. Termites love to eat wood, make sense!

By having a simple professional cost-effective termite inspection, you can save yourself and possibly your family a lot of grief.

Termites act fast they really don’t mess around. So, don’t let termites mess with your life and your home. The other thing you need to know is that most property owners are concerned with storms, electrical and plumbing issues.

The fact is you should be just as concerned with termites. One in three homes will be affected by termites in Australia and in the US the cost of termite damage is in the billions.

Note – Termite inspections should be done every 12 months to be safe.

Check out 8 reasons why you should think about having a termite inspection soon on a property.

Have you encountered termites before?

1 The first thing to mention is that if you have had a previous case of termites on your property. You are going to need regular inspections. Termites can return to the scene of the crime even after they have been killed. Meaning just because you have had termites once. Does not mean you will never have them again. Termites will decide what’s easiest for them. So, there could be several facets as to why your home is a target for termites. Be safe have an annual inspection.

2 Have you seen mud tubes or unusual evidence of termites?

If you suspect or have are you have a problem. Do not waste any time. Termites once they are in action and breeding. Once they have a good source of food. Will devasted the structure primarily of your property in a very short amount of time.

Contact a professional and get the situation under control now.

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to termites.

3 Nipping the situation in the bud or finding out sooner than later you have termites. Is going to be first much cheaper or hit your pocket much less hard. In a sense, you are dealing with a disease connected with your property. If you get to the bottom of the issue early. The repairs can be minimal, structures can be patched and repaired easily.

When termites devastate a property it can become too dangerous to live in? It’s better to get yourself an inspection.

Your neighbors have termites, or you hear termites are close by

4 If your neighbors have termites, we suggest to immediately contact a termite expert. The same thing goes when you hear that someone has termites on your street or in the near vicinity of your property.

Are you buying a new home or property?

5 If you are amid purchasing a property then its imperative that you have a professional inspect your home for termites. The last thing you want is hand over your hard-earned money for a property infested with termites or has the potential to be.

It is strongly advisable to book a pre-purchase inspection to put your mind at ease.

Have you seen damage to the wood in your home anywhere?

6 If you noticed any changes in the wood in your home such as holes, pieces breaking away. Termites will eat the structure of the home from the inside out. If you are looking at this type of damage, then you may have had the problem for quite some time. You are going to need a specialist to assess the damage and stop any further damage straight away.

Why not have peace of mind?

7 By having annual inspections of the property. You are never going to be wondering if you have termite infestations or not. Sometimes the signs are not always visible and can be difficult to detect. This why its best to use the services of a termite inspector.

Like most people, you may go to the doctor on a regular basis. Your home or property needs them same sort of TLC.

Other signs of termites on your property.

8 Some possible signs that you may have a termite infestation are sagging floors or sagging ceilings, you may see bubbled paint on the walls. You may also see very small holes in the plaster or drywall. Loose tiles can also be a sign of termites and as mentioned crumbling wood structures.

Courtesy of ABC Pest Control